Due to its origin (Africa), it’s a breed well-adapted to both humid tropical and desert conditions, plus even temperate conditions.

It presents a good response in extensive management systems and exceptional performance in semi-intensive or intensive operations.

It’s a non-seasonal breed with fertility from 85-95% throughout the year and prolificacy (litter size) that under good handling conditions reaches 1.85.Average weight at birth is 2.8 kg, and weight gains during fattening in confinement conditions range from 250 to 270 gr. per day, with a feed conversion ratio of four kilos of food per one of meat.

Medium-size breed with average weights of:

Adult males  80 to 100 kg
Adult females  45 to 60 kg
Five-month-old males 35 to 40 kg
Eight-month-old females  35 to 40 kg