Breeding stock

We supply the market with animals that strictly adhere to the characteristics of the Pelibuey breed, allowing our customers to make crosses with other breeds and thereby ensuring a greater hybrid vigor.

Not only are the Pelibuey’s characteristics visual, but they are also related to prolificacy, non-seasonality and adaptability to different climatic conditions. While many sheep farmers of other breeds say their animals also have these traits, none surpass the Pelibuey in terms of these features, and that’s why it persists as the genetic base for synthetic or terminal crosses.

As for the males, they have an excellent libido and sexual precocity that allows crossing at an early age.

The females are also distinguished by their excellent maternal ability, high fertility and non-seasonality.

The purity of our animals is guaranteed, as we are one of the few ranches in Mexico that only handles the Pelibuey breed.

Don’t be fooled by breeds that are the latest fashion; the Pelibuey breed is an excellent option for meat production in Mexico.