Who we are?

We have been in the sheep breeding business since 1996.

We exclusively breed the Pelibuey in two phenotypes: white Pelibuey and cinnamon Pelibuey.

We have ten years’ experience selecting the breed for meat quality and productive parameters.

We currently have a herd of select breeding stock that allows us to offer the market breeding females and studs with excellent productive characteristics, summarized as follows:

  • Hardiness: adaptability to different operating systems and climatic conditions.

  • Litter size: the prolificacy rate in our herd fluctuates between 1.85 and 1.95 per contemporary production group.

  • Weight gain: at 4.5 months old, our lambs weigh 35 to 40 kg. for the meat market.

  • Non-seasonality: both females and males show reproductive activity throughout the year.

  • Brucella-free herd (no ovis and abortus): allows our livestock to be sold across the country and exported abroad.

  • Non-resistance to anthelmintics: flock in which parasites show no resistance to any of the common deparasite treatments.